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Cargokilts is an online store featuring Cargokilts’ world renowned bespoke, traditional and sub-culture tartan kilts, as well as our unique, near indestructible utility Cargo Kilts, these hand-made kilts are available in almost any design and colour. Since we have a worldwide client base (and because you’re reading this,) it makes obvious sense for us to offer you a fast, convenient and cost effective manner of becoming part of a rapidly growing global movement, which is defined by fiercely independent, highly innovative, artistic, confident and non-conforming individuals.

Individuals who inspire our motto: Freedom of Movement!

Your kilt will come at a very reasonable price, when you consider that it is created using only the finest traditional loom woven tartan, or, in the case of Cargo (or utility kilts,) tough as nails Bull denim. We carefully select those who supply our buckles, studs and leather, sifting out unreasonable expenses without compromising quality, and supporting those who share our views.

Customer interests have always been paramount to us, and so, for regular customers we have a system of added bonuses, special offers, and discounts on services.

Because we understand how, why and where tartan patterns originated, we’re also able to design and register a brand new, unique tartan for you. And then we’ll weave it, ultimately providing you with a kilt as unique as you are. Ready for a kilt? Order yours today.


Maybe. But it is undeniable that the very essence of Cargokilts, as expressed in our motto “Freedom of Movement,” is reflected in the very reason why the very first Cargo Kilt was created: fierce independence, no compromise, innovation, ruggedness, common sense, and pure, original, breathtaking style.

That first handmade, now legendary Cargo Kilt, created in 1988, is still worn by the founder of Cargo Kilts, Egbert Harmse, and is still not for sale. It has been joined by literally thousands of Cargo Kilts around the world, and we’re honestly proud of the fact that some of our customers are still wearing kilts that were created for them thirty years ago, with nary a sign of wear.

We like to think that our kilts are our customers. Because there is truth in the saying that “Clothes maketh the man.” And if you are wearing a Cargo Kilt, then your expression of Freedom, is complete. Because you are the reason why your kilt was created.