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More about Cargokilts

Cargokilts are the specialists in the design and weaving of unique and quality corporate and family tartans.

We are capable of weaving any tartan. Our preferred fibre-blend for tartan is 75% wool, 25% acrylic, since this makes the tartan moth proof, whilst retaining the luxury of pure wool. It will hold a pleat better than pure wool, and it is suitable for home washing, thus reducing the cost of ownership of your kilt.

Our set-up is such that we can easily weave 100m of a bespoke tartan and we also offer a tartan design and registration service.

From our very small and humble beginnings, and in a country which is not really known for wearing kilts, we have grown the market for Cargokilts to cult status, and produce a vast array of tartans, tartan kilts and accessories, including 65 different tartans, a good selection of sporrans, Jacobite shirts, tartan county caps, tartan ties, tartan scarfs etc.